I read. A lot. I walk into walls, spill coffee on important documents (phones and laptops included), and trip when walking up the stairs. I’m a late-twenty-something-year-old newlywed (are you still considered a newlywed almost two years in?) who still gets carded when purchasing lottery tickets or ignorant stares when waltzing down the condom aisle at the local drugstore. I drink more coffee than my anxiety will allow and am always on the lookout for new restaurants or coffee shops to try out.

I call myself a writer even on days when I haven’t written a single word. I call myself a writer not because it’s what I do but because I wouldn’t be who I am without the ability to string words together and create semi-coherent sentences. I wrote a lot of poetry in my teenage years but now I am drawn to narratives, personal essays, blog posts, and short stories. I’ve written and self-published two books and am hoping to write a third by the time I turn thirty.

Hi, I’m Vanessa (Grillone) Buccella.

Welcome to my world!