Epic Faceplant – a day in the life

I put on my favourite floral pants (from TSOQ), black strappy heels, chunky coral necklace, and new black shirt. I straightened my freshly cut hair, cat-eyed my eyelids, and put on some fresh pink lip balm. For the first time in weeks I felt beautiful, confident, poised, and elegant. I felt like the best version of myself.

from pinterest

Well, the best version of myself quickly turned into the clumsy version of myself when I face-planted in the parking lot of the even I dressed up to go to. I’d been strutting my thighs out when the  floral pants got caught on my pointed heels. Next thing I knew my knee and palms (one of which holding my iPhone) were on the floor and my heart was pumping in my ears. I got up as quickly as I could, allowed my legs to shake uncontrollably while I said hello to the guest of honour, and made my hobbling way downstairs to the bathroom.

After quickly wiping my knee with paper towel I put my game face on and went back to the party. Apart from minor leg spasms I had a great time. I guess life is a series of tripping over yourself and getting back up again. It’s about putting on your game face even when your legs are crumbling beneath you. It’s about making the most of every fall.


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