All the right feels


After a long day where just about everything goes wrong, a girl walks into a backyard filled with familiar faces. Faces happy to see her. They place some liquid courage in her hand and talk to her about nothing, about everything.

When her uncle-to-be takes out the hose and soaks anyone in sight she refuses to admit that it cools her right down. Her shoulders are no longer pinched together, her head feels light (in spite of her wet hair weighing it down), and for a fraction of a moment she feels her heart smile.

Sitting on the picnic table, her cousin’s head on her lap, she takes in the beauty that is early evening. The sky is so blue and clear she’s swimming in it, the soft wind is a warm hug, the bright and bold sun is rubbing her neck. Suddenly a plane flies overhead and she lets her eyes follow it. It reminds her of the constant movement that is life. It makes her ponder over the changes headed her way; ones that she has no control over and the ones she’ll be brave enough to instigate.

She’s still not sure if it is the drink in her hands, the company, or the fact that the week is almost over but for the first time in a long time she feels peaceful, alive, and loved.


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