Hello Kobo


The year was 2012 or 2013 and I had just grabbed the last gift hiding beneath the Christmas tree. It was a gift I hadn’t noticed the first few times I snooped around to count how many had my name on it. This gift was wrapped differently than the rest with a label that read  To Vanessa, Love Santa.  It had been years since my mom stopped using the S word so I knew it wasn’t from my parents, which made it all the more interesting.

The gift was the size of a book but far too light to be one. I opened it and saw a brand new Kobo staring back. My heart saddened. I liked real books. The feel of them, the smell of them, the way I could highlight whatever I wanted and write notes in the margins. The eyesore sitting on my lap was no book. No friend of mine. “Santa” turned out to be my then boyfriend (now fiancé). His heart was in the right place, he knew that my love of books was extreme, so much so that I carried one everywhere I went. He thought that this would have been the perfect gift for me. I told him it was, placed it in my room and never looked at it again. Never gave it a chance. A year or so later I gave it away.

Fast forward 4+ years and my bookcase is overflowing, our future condo will not fit the number of books I have collected. My rule is that I can take to the condo only what I can fit in my bookcase. This is somewhat of a problem. Although I don’t receive as many books from publishing houses as I used to, I still purchase quite a few of them and end up giving them away whenever I need to free up space on a shelf.

When I noticed a contest on Casie’s blog for the Kobo Glo HD I thought, hey maybe I’ll give it a try. As luck would have it, I won the Kobo. I met this one with less apprehension than the first, and with an open mind to boot. This little gadget seems to be the answer to all my bookshelf woes. I can download loads of books without cramming up my bookshelf!!

So far I’ve read two books; One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid and Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave. Both were well-written, entertaining, and perfect reads for the beach. I just downloaded Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson and cannot wait to get started. I’ve noticed that I’ve been reading more since I received the Kobo. I love how compact it is, how easy it is to navigate, how easy it is on my eyes. I enjoy the fact that it tells you how much you’ve read and how quickly. I love that ALL OF THE BOOKS are at my fingertips. I enjoy being able to read on my side or my back without having to hold onto a  heavy book and how I can eat a meal without flipping a page.

I love my Kobo, just so you know.

Bookwormingly yours,

Vanessa xo

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