It’s Okay

My niece’s personality blooms every time I see her. She is becoming so smart and beautiful that sometimes I forget I’m talking to an almost three-year-old. Her latest thing is exclaiming “it’s okay, it’s okay” with her hands up in surrender whenever she does something naughty (does anyone still use that word?). Her tone is always incredibly reassuring as if she truly believes that no matter what things will always be okay.

I know that she is practically still an infant; she wears diapers on long trips just in case. But I swear she understands the world better than I ever will. She knows that what she did was wrong but also understands that there are worse things out there, that we can clean/mend/wash/replace/fix this. And she’s right.

Too often I place importance and effort on meaningless failures or problems. This causes more anxiety and stress than necessary. When you give people, gossip, or drama more attention than it deserves you create a dark cloud over more important things, like happiness and love. You forget that it really is okay because at the end of the day bullshit doesn’t matter. The world is filled with enough pain, suffering, and torment (just watch CNN) without creating your own bubble of misery.

Spilled milk can always be wiped clean.

It’s okay. 

It’s okay. 

Thoughtfully yours,

Vanessa xo 

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