Blank Slate/White Space


What if she said no? No to the past, to the comments or emotions felt and said out of fear, insecurity, and self-loathing. What if she decided to draw a line in the timeline of her life and never look back? What if she allowed herself the freedom to change perspective and shy away from negative thoughts? What if she realized that good things come to those who work for it and even though her dreams look slightly different than her reality, she’s in a good place.

What would that feel like?

It would feel like the whole world in front of her spread out like a blank canvas and only she held the assortment of paint in her hands. It would feel like freedom. Freedom to create friendships and harness old ones based on nothing but the present. It would feel like she finally got out of her own head and allowed herself to think clearly. It would feel a lot less lonely. It would feel like she’s finally able to grab all of the light in the world and carry it with her. The warm light that melted the chip on her shoulder, a chip so big she was beginning to walk lopsided.

What if she decided that this would be her new life?

That would be grand.

Optimistically yours,

Vanessa xo

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