Conversation with a Stranger

The other day I called to reserve a limo for our wedding (OMG it’s almost here!!!), and I ended up chatting with a lovely woman named Helen. As she took my information she commented on my email address ( I like that, it must mean something, she said. I explained that it is the name of my first blog and first book.

After many minutes of chatting I learned that Helen has a background in marketing and used to run a magazine. She’d spend loads of time with writers and journalists and really enjoyed the hustle and bustle of that industry. And then life throws you something you didn’t quite expect and you just have to roll with it, she said almost sensing my curiosity of how she ended up in the limo business.

She explained that sometimes she misses the magazine industry but there cane a point when she realized that she had no time for anyone, not even her own life. She decided, or life helped her decide, that she had to make a change. Our conversation meant more to me than I think Helen understands.


As today marks the one year anniversary of Alex’s liver donor surgery, I know what she means by life throwing something unexpected at you. I completely relate to her point about enjoying what is important in life. And given that I spend my 9-5 in the cured ham industry and not writing, I know that life can often send you to the most unexpected places.

Given how stressed I’ve been over the wedding, how much I’ve been itching for change, and honestly, how defeated I’ve felt over my writing (or lack thereof), Helen truly inspired me to think positively and embrace the life I have while working for the other things I want. It’s funny how all of the Helens in my life seem to say the exact thing I need to hear at the precise moment I  need to hear it.

Attentively yours,

Vanessa xo

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