Gilmore Girls Revival – Full Circle

Okay, let’s talk. Let’s say really long sentences drawn out with anecdotes, metaphors, and witty repertoire. Let’s talk as though there’s no need for breathing, saying all of the words in our heads that radiate from our hearts as if periods, commas, and exclamation marks don’t exist. Let’s talk so fast that we get winded and a little light-headed. Let’s speed talk in a way that makes us feel high. High, light, and invincible.

Let’s talk like a Gilmore Girl…

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

I’ve loved Rory and Lorelai since the very first episode. I remember watching new episodes every week with my dad; basking in the banter that is Gilmore Girls. I remember suddenly talking faster and thinking faster just so I could keep up with the Gilmores. I remember my mother yelling from the kitchen HOW CAN YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND THESE WOMEN?! They talk so fast! I understood them perfectly, I understood them because they understood me.

Since books, writing, and being a loveable (okay that’s debatable) weirdo have always been a huge part of who I am, I’ve always thought myself a bit of a Rory. That’s the best part of well written shows or books, the characters speak to you, they understand you, and they help you understand yourself. Take the Spring episode for example – although I’m six years younger than Rory’s character, I’m married, and haven’t traveled in years, I feel just as lost, just as ready to conquer the world, and just as prepared to start from the beginning.

The revival of Gilmore Girls is so much more to me than just getting to watch new episodes of a favourite show, it is the chance to catch up with old friends, make new memories, and maybe learn a bit more about myself in the process. No words can explain the excitement etched in my heart when familiar faces popped onto my computer screen. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – each 90-minute “season” filled me with nostalgia and longing for just one more episode, one more answer.

One more moment with Rory and Lorelai.

I sincerely hope that Daniel Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino will bring back the Gilmores for another few seasons. Their writing and vision for the revival could not have been more perfect and given the final four words of the last episode they have to come back! Right?



Gilmorely yours,

Vanessa xo

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