Just One Thing

I look up from my notebook and watch the colours of my walls change, almost like magic. From grey to pink to orange and then red. The sunrise lasts for a few minutes, warming my home and igniting a flame within. When was the last time I noticed the sunrise? I can’t remember. My pen continues to scratch at my paper and I think about my nieces. As part of a game we were playing, they asked me to name one thing I love about myself.

I was stumped. My mind went blank. I could have said anything, even something simple like “I love my hair”. But after a moment my mind immediately went to the things I hate about myself. My stubbornness, my OCD and anxiety, my selfishness, my big legs and flabby tummy etc. My brother looked at me as I thought about these things and said Wow, you can’t name just one thing?

Eventually my nieces got bored and went to play something else. I’ve been thinking about this all weekend. I know what it sounds like but I’m not looking for anyone to say but Vanessa, you’re XYZ, how could you not think of one thing that you love about yourself? It’s not that I don’t love anything about myself, it’s just in that I am hardwired to think about the negative before the positive and that is something I desperately need to work on.

This morning I tried to answer the question again: what’s one thing I love about myself?

How about five?

  • I love that I can make people laugh – even if it’s accidentally
  • I love that I feel things deeply
  • I love that I can put my feelings into words
  • I love that I am strong and stubborn but still willing to learn and grow
  • I love my bum and my lips – there, I said it.

So, now it’s your turn – tell me just one thing you love about yourself – or tell me five – and celebrate the heck out of them!

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