My Pen, My Voice artfully records the trials and errors one girl endures in order to become an independent and strong young woman. Through a mixture of prose and poetry, Grillone digs into the heart of the often difficult teenage years, when emotions are high, changes are fast, and life is all-consuming. Grillone’s entries encompass the turbulent range of teenage angst. From struggling to understand her need to go her own way to trying to come to terms with her frequent mood swings, her poems reveals with painful intimacy the confusion and heartbreak of growing up. Her vivid language and heartfelt words convey not only her honesty, but her fragility. With a keen eye for the human heart, My Pen, My Voice offers compelling compositions. Journey with Grillone on her path to self-discovery, one that ultimately offers insight into the female mind during its most fragile years.

Twenty-One Truths is set in downtown Toronto. Twenty-four-year old sous chef, Pierce, is no stranger to pain. After his parents’ bitter divorce and his father’s passing, Pierce takes a hold of his life and moves to downtown Toronto where he lands a job at the famous Haki-Sak restaurant, as well as a part-time promotion gig at Vixen nightclub. His life changes when he hears a frantic, “Fuck my fucking god-damn life!” in the co-ed bathroom of Vixen nightclub. Pierce rushes in to find Elena, an aspiring writer, with her foot in the toilet. And so, a modern-day romance begins.

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