Never a Dull Moment

There are days where I feel incredibly invisible. Days where I take myself so seriously that I literally have nothing nice to say about myself. And then there are moments that bring me down from that lonely dark cloud and into the real world where funny things can happen. Where life surprises me. Lovely momentsContinue reading “Never a Dull Moment”

To be influenced…

Recently I’ve been thinking hard about my current situation, my career, and my place in the world. I’ve wondered about the future and tried desperately to picture what my life will be like in a few years. I’m evaluating my goals while simultaneously taking a good look in the mirror. In doing so I’m realizingContinue reading “To be influenced…”

All the right feels

After a long day where just about everything goes wrong, a girl walks into a backyard filled with familiar faces. Faces happy to see her. They place some liquid courage in her hand and talk to her about nothing, about everything. When her uncle-to-be takes out the hose and soaks anyone in sight she refusesContinue reading “All the right feels”

Epic Faceplant – a day in the life

I put on my favourite floral pants (from TSOQ), black strappy heels, chunky coral necklace, and new black shirt. I straightened my freshly cut hair, cat-eyed my eyelids, and put on some fresh pink lip balm. For the first time in weeks I felt beautiful, confident, poised, and elegant. I felt like the best version ofContinue reading “Epic Faceplant – a day in the life”

She Counts

She counts on people. Counts the days until Friday; the minutes until five o’clock. She counts on the flowers to grow and the seasons to change. She counts on consistency and perfection. She counts on time to be good to her, to not disappoint. one.two.three.four. She counts other things too; the swipes of deoterant she appliesContinue reading “She Counts”

Legitimate Wedding Day Fears 

On My Pen, My Voice I had a series called The Bride’s Diary – the Road to I Do which I enjoyed writing so much that I thought I’d transfer it over here.  With less than 6 months until the big day, shit is getting real. The lists I had so much time to cross things offContinue reading “Legitimate Wedding Day Fears “

Not Giving a F*ck

There was once a glorious and enlightening time when I believed in myself. When I felt like I could do anything. A time when I made an effort with my writing, when I networked and asked for help, when I took writing classes, and listened to my blogging/writing mentors. I don’t know the exact momentContinue reading “Not Giving a F*ck”

Love Story from the Rearview Mirror

   There are moments when deep in thought or crazy in love that we forget how visible we are. We create a space that is undeniably our own. We don’t think about who can see us nor do we care. We simply love and exist. On my drive into work the other day, I lookedContinue reading “Love Story from the Rearview Mirror”

a new perspective

It’s incredible how quickly routine and comfort override the desire to explore, take chances, and have adventures. The fragility of life has shown itself to me many times over the last year, more so than any year before. And while my first instinct when mulling over the details of September through to November 2015, isContinue reading “a new perspective”