The Bride’s Diary – Marriage Fears


She’s scared of many things but failure in particular keeps her up at night. There are many things a person can fail, like a test or dream. You can learn from most failures and move on, and she is used to those kinds of failures.

One thing that she doesn’t want to fail at is her marriage. She isn’t getting cold feet because her heart is fuelled, heated, and powered by love. She sometimes thinks way into the future and pictures what their life together will be like. She clings to the hope that there will still be love, a love so great it can trump anything that stands in their way. She hopes that there will always be compromise and compassion between them. She jopes for honesty.


She pictures him looking at her the same way he did this morning, with a mixture of pride and astonishment, as if she couldn’t possibly be real. She feels his arms enveloped around her in the warmth of the morning glow. They’re standing on the front porch; he in his work clothes and she in her pajamas. She pictures him holding her that way forever. She might be a hopeless romantic but maybe that’s an important part of their relationship. Maybe they’ll struggle, change, fight, and play but they’ll love each other through it all.


Romantically yours,

Vanessa xo


The Bride’s Diary – The Bachelorette


Another wedding milestone has come and gone. On Saturday my sister hosted my bachelorette party at Lula Lounge in Toronto. My sister struggled with the planning because I’m kind of weird. I don’t like clubs or big groups, I go to bed early and send my spare time in bed reading. I would rather go to the ROM or the AGO then to a busy nightclub. However I highly doubt my best girls would want to spend their evening in a bookstore or library. After intense Googling, my sister found something that we’d all love; something fun but very me.


We started the evening with dinner and drinks, laughter and drinks, gossip (and did I mention drinks?). The meal was decent but I don’t think you go to Lula Lounge for the food. You go there for the awesome decor, the vibe, and the incredible music. After dinner we headed to the dance floor where we took up an awkwardly large space and danced our hearts out. 


Although we were all pooped by 11 PM I had an amazing time. It’s not often that all of us can get together. We all have hectic lives and most of them have children, so when we do get together we make the most of it. I have an amazing group of women in my life who are super crazy, funny, and down-to-earth. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my bachelorette with anyone else!


Blushingly yours,

Vanessa xo

Legitimate Wedding Day Fears 


On My Pen, My Voice I had a series called The Bride’s Diary – the Road to I Do which I enjoyed writing so much that I thought I’d transfer it over here. 

With less than 6 months until the big day, shit is getting real. The lists I had so much time to cross things off of are now begging to be looked at, decor is demanding to be planned, music is yearning to be chosen, stamps are screaming to be stamped, and the guest list is pushing to be finalized. With all that weighing on my shoulders (and many more things that haven’t been listed) I’ve started having wedding nightmares which casually bring to life my most legitimate wedding day fears. For your entertainment I’ve compiled a list of the ones I’ve had just this month.


  1. I begin to walk down the aisle and Alex is either drunk, not there, or laughing at my dress
  2. I begin to walk down the aisle and trip, ripping my dress, and face-planting so hard that my nose begins to bleed everywhere
  3. No guests attend the ceremony
  4. Thanks to bumper-to-bumper traffic I’m late for the wedding/don’t make it at all
  5. I look like a clown
  6. My dress won’t zip up and I have to walk down the aisle in sweatpants
  7. A fight breaks out during the reception
  8. All of the flowers die before we get to the hall
  9. The food makes everyone sick
  10. A freak snowstorm cancels the wedding

I’m sincerely hoping that all of these nightmares and stressful days are normal. I highly doubt any of the above will happen but I’d appreciate some good vibes being sent my way! If you have any suggestions with how to cope with wedding stress please let me know!!