Seeking Value

After watching a minimalism documentary on Netflix and rereading The Minimalists first book, I’ve become obsessed with the role things and people play in my life. If something or someone doesn’t add value to my life, what’s the point of keeping it around? I’d been playing around with the idea of getting off of InstagramContinue reading “Seeking Value”

The Bride’s Diary – The Bridal Shower

  Words I never thought I would put in a sentence (and actually mean them): I loved everything about my bridal shower. Let’s be clear, this is not because I didn’t think we could pull it off, but because I have never been a huge fan of bridal showers. Although I’ve had fun at allContinue reading “The Bride’s Diary – The Bridal Shower”

Blank Slate/White Space

What if she said no? No to the past, to the comments or emotions felt and said out of fear, insecurity, and self-loathing. What if she decided to draw a line in the timeline of her life and never look back? What if she allowed herself the freedom to change perspective and shy away fromContinue reading “Blank Slate/White Space”

It’s Okay

My niece’s personality blooms every time I see her. She is becoming so smart and beautiful that sometimes I forget I’m talking to an almost three-year-old. Her latest thing is exclaiming “it’s okay, it’s okay” with her hands up in surrender whenever she does something naughty (does anyone still use that word?). Her tone isContinue reading “It’s Okay”

To be influenced…

Recently I’ve been thinking hard about my current situation, my career, and my place in the world. I’ve wondered about the future and tried desperately to picture what my life will be like in a few years. I’m evaluating my goals while simultaneously taking a good look in the mirror. In doing so I’m realizingContinue reading “To be influenced…”

She Counts

She counts on people. Counts the days until Friday; the minutes until five o’clock. She counts on the flowers to grow and the seasons to change. She counts on consistency and perfection. She counts on time to be good to her, to not disappoint. one.two.three.four. She counts other things too; the swipes of deoterant she appliesContinue reading “She Counts”

Love Story from the Rearview Mirror

   There are moments when deep in thought or crazy in love that we forget how visible we are. We create a space that is undeniably our own. We don’t think about who can see us nor do we care. We simply love and exist. On my drive into work the other day, I lookedContinue reading “Love Story from the Rearview Mirror”

Dinner at Bar Isabel

Open your eyes. If you walk too quickly you just might miss it but once you see it, it’s difficult to pay attention to anything else on that side of College Street. Thick wooden panels frame a gorgeous wooden door illuminated red by the signature Isabel scrawl. When you walk into the restaurant your eyes need aContinue reading “Dinner at Bar Isabel”