Vanessa has been such a wonderful contributor to Healthy Is Hot over the years! She always brought positive energy, creative ideas and a sense of vulnerability to each of her pieces. From talking about the power of no, finding growth through travel and an honest, sincere approach when talking about mental health, her articles hit home with our audience time and time again. It has been such a treat working with her and we wish her nothing but the best in her next chapter. – Chloe Wilde – Healthy is Hot

We hired Vanessa to proof and edit all of our content on our website. She not only met but also exceeded our expectations, by far. We were aware she would be a good editor but what we didn’t know was that she would go the extra mile in connecting with our brand and offering creative advice on top of everything else. Her skills are exceptional, her turnaround time is tremendously quick and her attention to detail is unmatched. We plan on continuing to use Vanessa for all of our future writing and editing needs. – Christina Giosa – Pasta Pronto

Vanessa has always been a strong asset to my brand. Collaborating with her is always a pleasure and allows me to pick bits of my creative side that I didn’t know I had! She is a strong asset to any brand as she adapts to all atmospheres, which ultimately results in an outstanding final product. – Steven Palumbo –  Steven Palumbo Hair

I have always appreciated the worded webs that Vanessa weaves as her stories are so honest and raw. This is exactly what makes her writing approachable and meaningful to her readers. She writes with such heart. I can’t wait to see what she writes next! – Caiti McLelland

Vanessa is an excellent editor, especially for novels. As an avid reader, she knows how to follow character development and keep the story going. She’s edited two manuscripts of mine and her editing skills were valuable to my process. – Amanda DiPasquale